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Samuel Crowther Jay

Samuel Crowther Adjaye was an ex-slave and the first Black Bishop in the Church of England. He was rescued by the West Africa Squadron, and dedicated his life to both God, and anti slavery.

Samuel Ajayi Crowther, Ajayi also spelled Adjai or Ajai, (born c. 1809, Oshogun, Yoruba region [Nigeria]—died December 31, 1891, Lagos, Southern Nigeria), the first African to be ordained by the Church Missionary Society, who was in 1864 consecrated bishop of the Niger territory.


Sold into slavery at the age of 12, Crowther was rescued in mid-passage by a British cruiser and landed at Sierra Leone, where he was educated in a mission school and baptized. In 1842 he went to the Church Missionary College in London, and he received holy orders. Back in the Yoruba country, Crowther worked among his people as a missionary from 1843 to 1851. After accompanying several expeditions to the Niger, he devoted the rest of his life to administrative and evangelistic duties in his newly created diocese of the Niger territory.




Mr Samuel Crowther Jay

He was taken away

Later, he was saved

Mr Samuel Crowther Jay

Captured by the Portuguese

Taken to the West Indies

Mr Samuel Crowther Jay

One day, he went away

Here's a story about a slave

A nation he came to embrace

Got down on his knees and prayed

I thank the Lord that I've been saved

Mr Samuel Crowther Jay

On the day he broke away

Captured and was sold again

Pray for Samuel Crowther Jay

And in the deep dark hold

He prayed the Lord would save his soul

If my soul should learn the truth 

My body soon shall follow suit

Blessings from Her Majesty

We've been obliged to set you free

Go in peace and go your way

Mr Samuel Crowther Jay

Mr Samuel Crowrher Jay,

Who can say what you can say?

What can those of us today 

Say to Samuel Crowther Jay?

Mr Samuel Crowther Jay (X4)

Samuel Crowther Jay
Bishop Samuel_Ajayi_Crowther  1867
my timeline2.png
Born                 c.1809
Died              1891
Captured               1821
Rescued                 1822
Ordained              1843
Ordained as Bishop              1864
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